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Join electric mobility! A practical guide to discover and enjoy a new adventure at the wheel!

On the hunt for the electric cars’ aid plan
More, better and cheaper…
Is it the right moment to buy a second hand electric car?
4 reasons why the electric car is safer
Say bye to range anxiety. A charging spot always on the map
7 tips to extend the life of your battery
A silent Harley davidson? On the market next year!
Electric models return to the golden age of the car
On holiday with your electric car
Map of measures promoting use of electric cars
Do you really know about electric cars?
Explaining Plan VEA through 6 questions
Electric cars are for summer too
Advice when driving your electric car in winter
Worried about the range of your electric vehicle? Perhaps you’re suffering from “range anxiety”
Seven answers to understand the MOVALT Plan
Your electric car: in tiptop shape for winter
Europe puts the pedal to the metal with electric cars
How do you plug in your car? Types of connectors
Electric vehicles enable you to (almost) forget about repair shops
Range Extender: a system for longer trips
Plug-in hybrids: the best of two worlds
How do I recharge my electric car?
So how do you go about buying an electric car?
A European agreement against climate change
2017 Movea Plan: all gone in a single day!
Electric carsharing
Why have one motorcycle when you can have hundreds?
How to achieve minimum consumption with your electric car
Advantages of driving in a zero-emission car
Six things you didn’t know about electric cars
Electric engines hit the waters
The electric car was already on the road in the 19th century
Movea Plan Aid 2017: Time to get moving!
The person who knows most about charging points
Not without my electric car
Travel to the past in the car of the future
How much do I save?


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